We have been working with Winds Online for about 2 years now. We started our first project with our website www.fiveindia.com. Before Winds we have worked with a couple of other similar companies in Bangalore for few of our requirements. As soon as we started interacting with Winds, we realized that they understood our requirements much faster. We spent less time explaining our requirement and most of the work happened by sending them a briefing document. Then they have developed our billing application. Again, we didnt have much explaining /meetings, a briefing document and a 15 minute phone call was enough. The application was ready in 3 weeks and 1 week of testing, with minor changes our app was live. We have been using it for almost a year now, and we are very happy with it. Now we have started work on a complete end to end ERP solution for our services and business functions. As FiVE is growing at a rapid pace, we wanted a tech partner who will deliver our requirements in same pace. Wind’s was able to understand our functional requirements faster, delivered the prototypes ahead of schedule which required less edits and as a result the application became live faster and it helped our business. Also after implementation, if we required any further changes, it was done very quickly and smoothly. Their response time, project lead time, service delivery processes, commitment to clients, attention to details and follow ups are exceptional. Thanks to the team @ Winds for all their support

Mathew Easow - FIVE INDIA

Iam really satisfied by the site and your responsibilities...

Emmark Industries,NIDA, Menon Para Road, Kanjikode (P.O) Palakkad.

When Kripa Combines thought of introducing "PHAM PRODUCTX" in to International Neutraceutical Market, we were very much clear to assign "WINDS ONLINE" for making PHAM PRODUCTX CD. We are very much proud of Mr. Sumesh Menon & his team for making PHAM PRODUCTX presentation felt in the International markets. And today, we represent in SRI-LANKA, USA, EUROPE, & AFRICA. A Big Thank You and Best Wishes to Winds Online.

Illban Remedies - Mr. Vimal, CEO (Marketing dept.)

We thought of hosting our website in second time Mr.Sumesh of Winds Online approached and he have modified our website and presented very good. Even though we have not received overseas enquires but Winds Online follow up and timely attention is appreciated.

Pham Productx - Mr. Paul K. Mani

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