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If there’s anything that has drastically changed the way the world live in the recent years, it has got to be the advent of mobile phones. From a device to make telephonic calls to the ultimate device of media convergence, mobile phones have grown in the wink of an eye to a most necessary gadget in our lives.

At Winds Online, we’ve tapped the potential of mobile technology to the fullest, offering a range of services that would benefit our clients in their marketing needs. Our highly enthusiastic and skilled mobile software creative team offers qualitative services for the development of business applications and navigating programmes across all mobile platforms. Be it for an iphone or an Android, we offer highly customized software and application development programmes.

iphone Application Development

iphones are everywhere today and their increasing popularity has urged us to create web applications for the following categories:

• Entertainment
• Multimedia
• Search Tool
• Social Networking

Besides these we also develop enterprise solutions based on the iPhone SDK. We’re ready to provide a detailed description of our iPhone software development projects on request so that you would get an idea of our expertise and experience in the skill.

Android Application Development

The Android market is expanding per day as more and more Smartphones are entering its stream. Winds Online, with its expertise in Android software development with Java successfully apply Google’s Android framework to create Java-based third party mobile applications, software for Smartphone, PDAs, Pocket PCs and other mobile devices. Given below is a list of some of the services offered related to Androids.

• Web-based applications development for mobile devices
• Custom Android application development
• Java mobile applications development
• Mobile business software creation
• Multimedia and security mobile solutions
• Android software development with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS support
• Communication mobile application development
• Utility applications design and implementation

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