The advantage is all yours.

With the kind of support services and help that we have in offer, you could stand to gain a lot. If you’re an SME looking for an expert’s aid then hesitate not to turn to us. We help you in numerous matters related to automation, providing access to information, analysis of information, specialist systems and improved collaboration. The points mentioned below details this out.

• Helping you in identifying improved process and providing the same. 
• Helping you to gain more transparency with direct access to information
• Aiding you in improving the customers’ experience. 
• Providing online systems that are product or service based and that can shorten the supply chain.
• Understanding your exact requirements and pain points and delivering unique solutions in response.


Business Analysis

You might be on the top of a company flooded with information and data. But modern-day business is not just all about the quantity, but the qualitative analysis of all the info the company has amassed over the years. These data spread across the different systems need to be brought together and analysed carefully, which would in turn result in an improved decision-making process; guiding you on where to concentrate your new business activities. This is known as business intelligence.

At Winds Online, we help you with this process and show you the right way to go about with your studies and analysis related to the same. Researches have been done on the same and the results are listed for you to analyse:

• We help you in the using of Business Intelligence to spot potential growth areas.
• We aid you in applying predictive analytics to identify opportunities and prospects of success.
• We assist you in identifying profitable areas and to focus new businesses on these.


New Generation – Marketing process

No matter how good a product or service you have in offer, nothing would sell if not marketed in the best possible way. One conventional way that is still good is solid customer relationship management wherein you would listen to what the customer demands, match your offerings and give the best of what you have.

However, maximum exploitation of the innovations in technology has become the big sensation and practice in the marketing circles. Supporting the marketing messages are numerous systems with websites and the customer relationship management as the prime marketing database. Moreover, the advent and impact of social media networking has opened up a whole new world of opportunities. These technologies can be exploited in marketing campaigns by integrating them with the existing core CRM products to throw open new prospects, markets and also provide better data on what your customers are doing.

Winds Online has a set of marketing services that assure the following:

• Using social networking for lead generation and qualification.
• Developing CRM systems to maintain relationships and information about prospects.
• Integrating CRM with social networking site contacts.
• Web analytics.
• Creating websites that sell your services and allow easy contact.

For small and medium companies, we have even more services lined up:

1. We help you to strategise your online presence. 
2. We assist you in developing a corporate website, which would have a direct impact on your marketing pitch.
3. We aid you in strategising your online marketing plans.
4. We help you improve your online presence through online advertising / marketing
5. We support you to improve your customer management skills by implementing proper CRM application in your organisation.
6. We help you in branding your firm as a one-stop-shop for all web-based needs.
7. We aid you in improving Productivity by implementing Winds ERP in your organisation.


Having accurate insights about various aspects is a key to growth in business. They are important in order to find answers and solutions to tough riddles in trade. Winds Online has helped many companies arrive at valuable insights through serious research and probe in to problems. Implementing our solutions too has helped them a great deal. Have a look at some of the cases we have worked on and how the clients benefited from them.

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