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Embarking on business fortunes in the contemporary world demands much more than investment and infrastructure. A clean strategy and calculated business plans are the key here. It all depends on how well one handles a tough market situation and problem.

At Winds Online, we offer a range of Business Applications which help our clients find the right business plans. We study a problem in depth, analyse it to the core and come up with a solution that would benefit the client’s interests. Every project is approached keeping the client’s perspective in mind and answers are drawn.

What we do is provide a holistic approach to the provision of software development services from concept and analysis through to deployment. Given underneath is a list of the cutting-edge business applications we empower our clients with.

• Comprehensive Content Management Systems
• On demand – Sales Force Automation (SFA)
• On demand – Customer Relationship Management (E-CRM)
• On demand – Enterprise Automation Systems (E-ERP)
• On demand – Human Resource Management (E-HRM)
• On demand – Material Resource Planning (E-MRP)
• On demand – Supply Chain Management
• Interactive Learning

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