It’s true that we’re here to do business. But doing business by forgetting our responsibilities as social animals is not our way. The Winds Foundation is our body that focuses on social service as a responsibility and a mission. Being empathetic to the requirements of the needy, we help them in ways more than one and ensure in whatever little way we can that we are doing our part in promoting the same.

Winds Foundation operates with a vision to prevent health problems that arise out of mal-nutrition. Also, providing financial assistance to poor families to help their children gain education has also been among our crucial ventures. Please go through some of our activities as CSR initiatives taken forward through the Winds Foundation.   Some of our main areas of services are :

Providing Education to the Deserved kids

Providing Food / nutrients for the most wanted. 

Promoting Green Initiative.

Winds Foundation is associated with a charitable organisation called – SANMARG ( , which mainly operates with the objective of helping the really deserving kids to get proper education.  We are proud to be a part of that noble initiative. 

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