Let me start my note with our vision, towards which we are working forward. From the time when we formed Winds Online, our vision was “To become a globally recognised organisation providing E-business application to growing organisations”.

We all know it’s not that easy to achieve the said vision, but when there is a strong team of members with whom the organisation is made of, nothing is going to be impossible whatsoever.

At a time when India is flying ahead to become one of the super powers of the universe in a few decades, Winds Online also intends to mark our footprint in that journey by contributing a great deal for the Society. We help small and medium growing companies to increase their profitability and competitive ability with cutting-edge digital technology. In this knowledge ruled world, each and every individual is to be empowered with the updated information. The same is applicable to organisations and they have to be empowered with all the relevant data about their organisation at any time they require. That’s where our role is. Sharing and improvising of technological knowhow which benefits growing organisations was always our passion.

All will agree that customer satisfaction is the key to success, and we have proven the same with our triumph that has been continuing for more than a decade. Innovation is our key strength, a tool we use to ensure the same.

Always assuring our best efforts.

  Sumesh k menon
Chief Executive

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