Making your CRM application intelligent Making your CRM application intelligent

As a business owner or as a Business Manager, have you ever thought, “It would have been great if my software application sends an alert as soon as one Contract is going to get expired” ?    or, “ it would be great, if i am intimated as soon as my executive enter an enquiry “?
Workflow Automation and Business Alerts feature makes an application so intelligent that CRM application starts to communicate with Humans in real terms.   We have came across several queries from our customers, on making the CRM more intelligent.
Will see some of the scenarios where your CRM application can communicate with you automatically.

  1. When a Contract period for a deal is going to get expired in the next few days :- In Winds CRM you can set a Business Alert which will trigger an alert in Email / SMS/ Internal Messaging, which will help you to know instantly on the status.    
    a. This will help to keep following your customer to renew the contract
    b. This will increase the revenue of your organisation
    c. There is a scope of Up-selling / cross selling to the customer on the Contract expiry.
    d. Customer Acquisition cost will be reduced to minimum
    e. Happy customer – because of the timely reminder.
  2. When any one of your team member creates an opportunity worth few millions – Big ticket :-   in Winds CRM, you can define a workflow or business alert, where the system will send you an intelligent message to you (or some one else ), as soon as one user creates an opportunity as a BIG Ticket.
    a. This will help the top management to focus on the big ticket opportunities
    b. This will help the executives to close the deal with a sponsorship from the top management
    c. Reduce the scope of loosing a BIG Ticket order because of lack of attention from the superiors
These are small tips on how to make the CRM system intelligent enough to help the management.  There are many more things you can do and play around with Workflows and Business alerts.  Contact Sumesh menon  at his email to know more. 



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